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It's funny because it's true

I'm New. I'm Bernadette, And i'm 15. This is the latest thing i wrote. Hope you likeeeeeeeee:

"If" By B.B.
If i found the perfect picture, i could stare at myself all day
I could sit there hour after hour wasting my life away
I'd never call myself ugly, if i had an awesome Boyfriend
I'd never have to put on a show, or learn to play pretend
I could learn to be a model, if i had a nicer figure
I would love life too much, and I'd never pull the trigger
I could be a famous singer if i had a soothing voice
I could have a better future if i made every right choice
If i could make my own choices, and not worry bout what others think,
I could put together the puzzle of life, and fill in the missing link.
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