Chelsea Norma Arnett (glitterbombgurl) wrote in writers_r_us,
Chelsea Norma Arnett

A Vision of Self

Close your eyes
See a vision
See what you want
Become that You
That You've always feared
Dance, Twirl, Spin
Be free
Be loved
Be love
Do not fall into emptiness
Do not be afraid
For all is well

Paint, in your mind, yourself
See all your perfections
All the beauty you contain
See what is really in the mirror
And not what you think you see
Know that you are a work of art
No matter how it looks
There is always some one that will love
You, for the art you are

Hold to your vision
Do not forget what you have just seen
Open your eyes
All that is left now
Is to become
Everything you saw
Everything you are
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