breathless (boyzonesangel) wrote in writers_r_us,

Hey everyone, my name's Erin, I'm 15 and a self-acclaimed poet :) I write becos I feel, becos I can, becos it matters. I've been told I have a "gift" but I'll leave that up to you to decide. I don't see it :P I love this community becos it's small, and there aren't any pompous critics who are going to tell me how to feel and how to write in order to properly express that.

So, I love you and here: my newest writing for my newest community:

You watch the Man Show with your baby hard - on; giggling in the dark as the juggies bounce in and out of focus. You're in caffeine shock, aren't you? Squeezing all the tears that will fit into a soda can before dawn breaks your door down with a hammer and someone sees. You've had enough, haven't you? No more bleeding into a coffee pot when mom walks in with packing tape. Keep the sun out and just breathe to the focused hum of your speakers. Keep away from the world; you're just a social-claustrophobic trying to make a scene.
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