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It's funny we often say that we are killing time, when really it is quite the oposite.

I wrote this last nite. Hope you think its worth your time to read it.

“Step by Step” By B.B.
All of my friends say it’s so easy
But thinking about it makes me feel queasy
When it comes to fooling around with a guy
I get all nervous and start to feel shy
I really like you and I wanna try stuff
I don’t have the courage, I’m not strong enough
Either I barely know you, or I know you too well
This torture makes my life a living hell
I’ve barely even gotten a kiss on the lips
Only once have I felt your hands on my hips
Yes, I’ll admit that it was thrilling
Uneasy at first, and then never-filling
Snuggled together under warm cozy covers
More than just friends, but not quite lovers
Hugs, secrets, and tons of laughter
And then we all lived happily ever after.
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