Chelsea Norma Arnett (glitterbombgurl) wrote in writers_r_us,
Chelsea Norma Arnett

Miss Hickory Road

I close my eyes and I can feel...
I can feel
And I don't know what I feel
My breath changes
Where did time go?
How could I ever have been
8lbs 11oz?
I don't even remember my red hair
My graceful curls
I need chemicals and heated metal to like my hair now
Where did that little girl go in the tutu?
Miss Hickory Road
Biting her cheaks because she was afraid of smiling
because everyone always told her how cute it was when she did
And what will I think when I look at a picture of me now in 20 years?
In five even?
And what will I think of me when I read this poem in 20 years?
The me I was yesterday is dead.
The me I was when I started this poem is dead.
Every second a part of me stops existing and a new part of me is born
I open my eyes
Every minute of my life is an opportunity to change
Every second is a new me
Life isn't slipping away
It's just changing, unfolding before us
Life can be one big happy memory
If when you close your eyes
Thats what you see
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